Silk Painted Cushions

I finished these hand painted silk cushions the other day. I designed them on tracing paper, painted the silk strips and stitched it all together – it took me quite a while but worth it in the end.


Silk painting makes the best colours.

My friend sent me a birthday card via email and I printed it out, it had a cool picture of a octopus on it. I painted one onto some silk and made it into a cushion. I really hate jelly fish but love octopuses (is it octopuses or octopii mm…).


The other design sprang to mind while watching a sea dragon swim but get nowhere in Chicago’s massive crazy aquarium.


The back of the cushion worked out one of my favorite parts, maybe I will paint a room one day head to toe in seaweed with hidden leafy sea dragons behind plants.


The material for these was taken from the bottom of the aprons from Cafe Jazz here in Cardiff. I love to make things from other things, I think this might be part of my blog theme.


7 thoughts on “Silk Painted Cushions

  1. right I was just prevaricating about starting making my xmas cards so now INSPIRED I will get on with it!!!!

    And I like the cushions! Very much indeedio

    • Thanks lovely face, yes come down and lets get silk painting, you will love it, I have everything apart from the silk 🙂 Or yes maybe lets just watch adverts and the x-factor – NO NO NO DON’T MAKE ME!

  2. I have just finished making a 3D bird using needle felting and was going to add a photo but I don’t know how to. Any way needle felting is fun and you can watch teli at the same time. I just watched Great Expectations and it made me cry at the end- that was when I pricked my finger with the felting needle

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