Cardiff Gig Review #1 – The Mighty FUOD

The Mighty FUOD gig was a surprise, word of mouth event. Very early doors with the band not commencing until 11pm but well worth the wait. The support act DJ’s kept you engrossed, with at times a history lesson of electronic music from old skool to pure drum n base and a bit of dub step slipped in.

Without knowing what to expect 9 people took to the stage laden with instruments and gusto and set the room alight – dancing instantly was contagious. The mix of electro, funk and go get it punk attitude makes me wonder why they aren’t filling at least The Coal Exchange size venue’s by now. I heard getting 9 people in one room at the same time can be quite a challenge.

The Mighty FUOD - Live at The Globe CardiffI have a policy about taking photos at gigs, I only take one and then put the phone away. I call it the 1 photo gig experiment and have done this for years. I wanna watch a band with my own eyes not through the lens of a camera or phone.

The lead singer Mark gave a great performance with his groovy MOOG playing, it gave them a unique sound which you would recognize in a flash. Having a flute player gave some melodic refreshing grooves, adding another layer of funk pie, especially as an armature practitioner of the instrument myself. I love a horn sections and this one did not disappoint. Fat baselines and a double percussion team, I must add ‘yes they had a cowbell’ filled any gaps with feet stomping rhythm.

If you like to dance, be entertained and experience some electro funk vibes go see The Mighty FUOD if you get the chance.

Check out The Mighty FUOD’s Myspace


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