Cosmic Christmas Disco face painting @ Gwdihŵ

It is nearly Christmas and most of my activities have had to be secret at the moment. I will post about them after Christmas so not as to spoil the surprise for people who may read this. They will include: potato print cards, home videos from the 80’s and maybe some raspberry vodka if it all turns out well.

In the mean time here are a few of my fav designs from a face painting session I did, down at the a Cosmic Christmas Disco this Friday at Gwdihŵ Café Bar.


The theme of the night was anything Christmas, stars, cosmic, space, swirls and then all finished off with lashings of glitter. One of my first blank canvas’ was fun – silver and red to match his outfit. You can see the groovy decor behind that the cosmic Christmas disco crew created, jolly good glittery goodness.


Introducing the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt.


More colour coordinated swirls, stars and another lightning bolt.


The classic butterfly, the only one of the night but I was told much appreciated and bought back lovely childhood memories.


A real Christmas one, he was dressed as a Christmas tree (great costume) so thought we better finish off the outfit with baubles, stars and icicles.


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