Potato printed Christmas fish cards

Now that Christmas has been and gone, I can share my Christmas crafts and projects. This year my home-made Christmas cards were made with potato prints and lots of glitter.

I started with an idea – wouldn’t it be crazy if it could snow under the sea? I drew inside the shape of the potato, I cut in half and drew around as a template.

fish_drawing     seaweed_drawing

I chose my favourite fish and seaweed and transferred them onto the potato. This was quite tricky as the potato was all wet and my pen kept getting covered in potato juice. I persisted with a permanent marker and drawing with it in-between on paper, so don’t use your best pens if trying this at home.



I carved out the potato with a knife and a scalpel for the more detailed parts. In hindsight I should have made it simpler, it got fiddly. I had a very small potato and made that into a snow flake pattern for some extra decoration. Here is what it looked like in the end.


Now the fun really started – I got out the paint, brushes, plastic trays, glitter and water pot. I  did the cards in batches of around 15 as this is what fitted on my work surface. I set up my studio in the front room next to the fire and stereo, so I could be warm and entertained. I think this is very important in making things: to make a space you love to be in, as it can take time. Enjoying the process as much as the product is essential.

I started with the seaweed – on some cards I added a few smears of blue as an experimental background. For the first batch below, I used one colour of green paint, and for the next batch I used two greens to give the seaweed a bit more depth. Before the paint dried I added green glitter.


I then got the fish potato set up, which I have since named Gulp, a dear friend of the Evil Fish (poissons démon). You may have come accross this friend of mine before, or catch him again in this blog. I used red, orange and yellow paint and proceeded in deciding if the fish was swimming up, down, left or right. I then added matching coloured glitter to give it some Christmas sparkle.


I did another batch and a bit of cards which completed the messy bit. The next stage I needed help with – what to write as a seasonal greeting! Thanks you know who. The brainstorming turned out to be super funny with some very silly ideas but these two won hands down:

We fish you a Merry Christmas

Shark! The herald angle sings…

Here is the final result to my mission.


Every card was different – I also used up the paint and printed onto plain paper the remaining fish, seaweed and snow flakes. I used these for present labels and for wrapping smaller present. All in all it was a very fishy, nautical Christmas and in fact 2011 was a sea themed year. I wonder what 2012’s theme will end up being. Happy new year everyone – may cod be with you!

final-card-1   final-card-2


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