Cardiff Gig Review #2 – I Love SICKNOTE & clown-core

I love SICKNOTE – they make me slightly crazy cos it is totally contagious and great fun. I have figured out a kind of music I really like: if the genre existed it would be called something like circus rock, carnival electro or clown-core. I have so much appreciation listing and seeing bands with this style, I think it releases my inner child. Other notable bands which I like to think fit in this group and I love are Mr Bungle, Boredoms, Aphex Twin, Melt Banana, Gogol Bordello, The Tiger Lilies and maybe even The Prodigy could be said to have that kind of sound.

The Globe hosted this free gig/party and had a festival atmosphere, it was very busy by the time we got there at 11pm but no issue getting in, happy days. The warm up act we caught – My Bad Sister were a funky dressed female duo who’s look will stick in my mind forever. They have tunes to check out here on SoundCloud.

The poster I saw online called the gig “The Phone in Sick Free Party” as the second to last Monday in January, is statistically the most depressing, and likely day you would phone in sick. It is nicknamed Blue Monday. I have also read and heard suicides peak around this time, what better way to beat the January blues than a free party with some super fun entertainment. So the idea was to party all weekend and phone in sick on Monday, I didn’t but had a flipping awesome night which made Blue Monday much less blue for me.


My one photo of the gig turned out better than expected. I only ever take one picture as spending a gig fiddling with a camera and seeing it through a lens is not my idea of fun. I like to catch a moment of what the gig was really like, as usual near the front in the most dancing section – where I like to hang.

SICKNOTE are having a break from gigs until the summer, but don’t worry they will be back and I am sure keen as any circus bean can be. I saw them first at Beatherder Festival last year after missing them in Cardiff numerous times, they blew me away! Check out Sicknote’s website for free downloads, where to buy merch and the latest news.

So lets all let our hair down, release your inner horror child and dance like crazy clowns to SICKNOTE.


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