Hot Booze Recipes

If you started to get sad after the mulled wine ran out after Christmas, fear not – a massive array of delicious hot boozy drinks await you.

As winter grips and you have had enough of coffee and tea – a hot boozy drink can warm you so well: it is a surprise that pubs don’t serve us these delights in winter. Christmas is full of mulled wine but there are loads of other fine examples we forget about.

On my recent trips to Berlin I have tasted some delicious Glühwein, which is mulled wine the German way. My all time favourite is a winter warmer recipe – hot toddies are right up there with delicious curry as it soothes the common cold and warms the bones. Here is my simple method that has cured many a sore throat and cozy-ed me up when a million jumpers and quilts will not:

Hot Toddie - ready to drink

Hot Toddie - ready to add hot water

Everything you need to make Hot Toddie


50ml Whiskey (any is fine but don’t waste anything too expensive)
1 Lemon Slice – 1cm thick round
1 tsp Honey
10+ Whole Cloves
Hot Water
Cinnamon Stick or Powder (optional)

  1. Place the lemon slice on a clean surface and press the cloves in around the edge. Tip = closer to the rind holds them in tighter, which is useful after the hot water goes in and you start enjoying your creation.
  2. Get a coffee glass with a handle or a mug, place a teaspoon with the honey on, in it.
  3. Add the lemon round with cloves embedded in.
  4. Pour in the whiskey.
  5. Top up ¾ of the way with hot water.
  6. Stir well, let sit until drinking temperature and enjoy.

Another fine hot boozy beverage, which is more of a treat and can’t quite be described as healthy, is Hot Buttered Rum. This is a delicious winter warmer which, instead of taking you to the Scottish Highlands, can transport you to the Caribbean. I am sure this is what a pirate would have drunk, while sailing on the cold ocean. Here is the recipe I have used, but as it is not as regular a drink of mine, like hot toddies, I still feel improvements can be made. If I succeed in making the perfect one, I will re-post the recipe. I would love to hear of anyone else’s tips or hints with this one. So like Issac Hays tells us Hot Butter up your Soul and now your rum, here we go:

Hot Buttered Rum - ready to drink

Hot Buttered Rum - butter & suger mix

Everything you need to make Hot Buttered Rum


50ml of Dark, Golden or Spiced Rum
1 tsp of Butter
1 tsp of Dark Brown Sugar or Maple Syrup
¼ tsp of All Spice
Sprinkle of Freshly Grated Nutmeg or Ground Nutmeg
Cinnamon Stick or Powder
Hot Water or Hot Apple Juice

  1. Place the butter in a coffee glass with a handle or a mug. Add the sugar or maple syrup and mix until soft and creamy.
  2. Add the All Spice and Nutmeg and mix.
  3. If using a cinnamon stick gently toast this on a gas stove, but try not to burn. Add to the glass or mug.
  4. Pour a small amount of hot water or hot apple juice in, mix well.
  5. Add the rum and then add more hot water or apple juice until ¾ full. Sit back relax and enjoy when it has reached optimum drinking temperature.

I really enjoyed making and drinking this Jamie Oliver’s mulled wine recipe over Christmas this year. I think the trick here is to make this kind of mulled wine sauce first, and add the majority of the red wine at the end.

One also must not forget how delicious hot cider can be, and this is coming from someone who is not even a cider fan. I have had it at numerous festivals and outdoor celebrations – it is a perfect hot drink for cool British summer nights.

If you feel like an indulgent warming booze experience – hot chocolate and rum is fabulous. My last hot booze mention has to go to coffee though, as I am such a fan. Add anything to a good cup of coffee – whiskey, rum, brandy, vodka, tequila, baileys, Kahlua or any liquor. If you really want to go to town there is also nothing quite like the hot cold combination of the boozy goodness of coffee liquors.

For some reason I have to say this, it only feels right as publishing to the web – enjoy but don’t drink like an idiot and turn into one. Hot booze gets you drunk quickly and is also deceptively strong.



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