Gold & Fruity Fimo Jewellery

I have fallen in love with Fimo clay all over again. I got given some free samples through work, and at first I looked at these little coloured blocks of plastic and thought ‘what the hell do I do with this?!’. I had not created anything with it since I was small, but now my Fimo affection has well and truly set in. It is great stuff and you can make so many cool and creative things from it. All you need is a good idea, Fimo and some time.

My latest creation started out with my sisters and I watching a youtube tutorial of how to make Fimo orange segments. We then used our new found skills to make all sorts of other crazy fruit segments. All you have to do it get the three colours right and the same technique applies. This is called the Millifiori technique, it is an ancient glass art technique that is also ideal to apply to Fimo clay.


The oranges turned out really well, as they had a lot of contrast between the colours. Lemons, limes and oranges have three different distinct colours. We could have also made grapefruit or different types of orange segments too. To make the watermelon it was made in rounds and then cut in half. The black dots were done with a permanent marker.


Applying this technique to making kiwi fruit was a little more tricky. Start by mixing the Fimo to make 4 colours; brown, dark brown, green and light green (this took a while and a picture of a kiwi fruit segments to get the exact b

lend). Before putting them in the oven a decent sized hole was made with a needle to make sure they are easy to string later.


The new additions I have made to my Fimo kit this year are bronzing powder and gloss varnish. The bronzing powder is really cool sparkly and is applied to the Fimo before it goes into the oven. I only added it to the brown outsides of the kiwi fruits as I didn’t want to tone down any of the colours in the middle. It gets everywhere and is like fairy dust, I will definetly be thinking of more things to use this on.


To get the fruit looking really juicy and give them an extra layer of protection I varnished them. This got fiddly and sticky, but I found doing one side at a time worked well and leaving it to dry in between. I still got it all over my fingers and had to peel it off when it dried. It was a bit like extra strong PVA glue which is a super satisfying to peel off but this took a layer of skin with it as well!


After the fruit segments were varnished and dry, I collected all the things I needed to make the earrings and necklace. Beads, wire, snips, needle-nose pliers, earwires and I recycled an old necklace I didn’t like the pendant on anymore. Jewellery making is pretty twiddly and finickity. I am sure there are professional ways of twisting the wire but I just made loops and twisted the ends, it all worked out okay. I did try and tuck the end of the wire back through the last bead to avoid having spiky bits sticking out.


For the earrings I did different length drops for each fruit bead so when they hang, each fruit segment can be seen easily. I was pleased with the final look, the combination of bright fruity colours, sparkly kiwi fruit and gold beads give a fresh funky feel. I think this set might be my new favourite summer piece of jewellery.

The Fimo people STAEDTLER have a facebook page, lots of people have added their lovely creations here. There are some good ideas for doing Fimo nail art too. I am certainly keen on giving this a go, but it would have to be on someone else’s fingers, as I would ruin them very quickly. Only for a very special occasion would I get my nails done, I do too many practical things to keep them nice.


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