Chihuly Exhibition – London

Every trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum starts off with an amazing brightly coloured glass chandelier, and this is how I first came across Chihuly. A solo exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s work is currently on, at the Halcyon Gallery in London’s smart neck of the woods – Mayfair. One look at his work just makes me go all gawky and stare. The concept of creating these crazy shapes, then arranging them so intricately, is a work of art in itself. He has brought the art of glass blowing forward leaps and bounds from what I can see. Chihuly-glass-garden This glass garden was mesmerizing. Swapping soft grass and plants to razor sharp glass, is a fabulous concept. One of my favourite books The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder features playing cards who come alive, and blow glass in a philosophically created dream world. The description of blowing glass in this book really takes you there. While on holiday in Malta, I got to see it done in reality, this experience for me was unforgettable. Chihuly-vases This set of three glass bowels with matching mini glass bowls inside, made such cool shadows on the wall. I think he should make a solar system from blown glass, I thought this piece should influence Jupiter or even Mars with it’s fiery orange and reds. Chihuly-vase-with-sucker This piece had a glass ball in the middle with a big long tentacle coming off it, with a sucker shape at the end. I can try and imagine how they are made, but can’t quite see how it is done however hard I try. You must have to blow the balloon and then gently blow to let the tube snake out, amazing! There was a short film to watch which showed Dale and his team blowing glass and showcased many of his major works from around the world. It gave a nice insight to the craft of glass blowing and how he creates his art. Glass makes you feel cautious walking so close to it, being surrounded has an interesting delicate edge. No tripping up or clumsiness allowed. It was so beautiful, after looking at everything twice I then proceeded to take lots of photos. If you want to see more of his work, have a look at Chihulys website. The exhibition runs until the end of March 2012, so just over a month left to get down there if you can. Details can be found on the Halcyon Gallery website. An unexpected treat in the small gallery across the road was an exhibition of the late Eve Arnold photography of Marilyn Monroe. As a fan of Marilyn I have seen these iconic photos time and time again but never in a gallery setting. She truly captured her beauty, but also a personality and moment in history, that will live forever.


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