ATP (Jeff Mangum) Festival Review #2 – Saturday

I woke fresh as a daisy from my comfy bed, to glorious March sunshine coming through our chalet windows. After a bacon sandwich, a cafetiere of coffee and a relaxed holiday morning we decided to hit the pool. Splash Waterworld is awesome, it has slides, a wave pool, a jacuzzi and a rapid river. It is so much fun and no kids for once, the big kids get it all to their selves. I had to keep watching the clock to make sure I was on time for the reason I came to the festival in the first place – BOREDOMS!!


Boredoms – I don’t even know where to start. I kept doing little skips and jumps uncontrollably and grinning like a Cheshire cat all morning. I phoned a few people to spread my joy and started doing silly things like shouting random words to no one and running around outside with my shoes off. This is what the Boredoms do to me.

I arrived early and as soon as they started, got right to the front. This time they had five drummers, 10 guitarists, a guitar conductor hidden at the back and Yamantaka Eye with his crazy noise machines and contraptions. They create noise that takes up every part of the air. The sound is chaotic, minimal and completely mesmerizing. Circling the sound around the room with the drum and guitar formations, reminds me more of an orchestra than a regular band. Life is better when the Boredoms are part of it.


Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – ATP festival always introduces you into something new and wonderful – this time these guys get the high five from me. A blend of electro, rock, traditional Asian folk, psychedelia, metal and a peep of pop magic. Fabulous description on their bandcamp page which I think gives you a slice of what I saw and heard. Each member was unique and skilled on their noise making apparatus. I love a band that gives a show – their black and white costumes, painted faces, on stage antics and crazy collection of sound machines kept my ears and eyes very happy. It went so quick like many fabulous things do, but I will be buying some tunes of theirs and keeping on eye on that tour schedule.


Blanck Mass – kept the psychedelic theme going, a one man show with an interesting array of background animations. His music sounded like food and objects with a touch of growing and moving molecules. Music to watch with the sun coming up or the waves crashing on a beach. The curation of the festival, I am sure is created with a story and narrative in mind, this guy made the space in-between, that is often more important than the words themselves. A delightful experience.


Yann Tiersen – created a beautiful atmosphere and was the perfect opportunity to find a seat relax and put our feet up. Watching bands is surprisingly hard work and you have to realise you can’t do everything, but you sure can have a go if you pace yourself and know when to quit. I watched a sweet man on stage being all lovely, he had something about him that made you want to take him home and feed him soup. A talented band created a wonderful epic sound. As a big fan of the film Amélie, which he created some beautiful music for, I would have liked to give more of my concentration to them but I needed a rest before the storm.Scratch_Acid

Scratch Acid – blew the head off my gasket and ignited the inner looney. Without a doubt the craziest I went all weekend, crowd surfing, head banging, screaming, moshing and proper super ace happy fun. There sound is tight, rhythmic and full of beans, even after all the years. They formed in ’82, officially split in ’87 with members going onto form The Jesus Lizard and drumming for Ministry. What a band and what a story. A pleasure to have them perform with me present. They looked a bit unsure when they first got on stage but soon let any inhibitions wash away and jumped in head first – literally in the lead singer David Yow’s case by jumping in the crowd. I love noise music, it’s upfront “who give a damn” punch in the face is honest, brutal and full of real feeling.


2 thoughts on “ATP (Jeff Mangum) Festival Review #2 – Saturday

  1. So the boredoms played twice in one weekend! I thought you had missed them completely which I guess would be un-forgivable for you!

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