Cardiff Gig Review #5 – Henry’s Funeral Shoe (Record Store Day – Spillers Records instore)

To celebrate Record Store Day I went to Spillers Records, bought loads of new music and saw a band. Perfect Saturday afternoon fun. Some people spend lots of money on shoes (I do a bit), clothes, bags or food and drink – I spend lots of money on music. I love it, the beautifully crafted covers and cases, the pristine new fresh feel of a CD or vinyl and the best bit – a fabulous piece of music to keep forever.

The band Henry’s Funeral Shoe, a two piece blues rock band, crammed Spillers with grooving sounds and people. A love the up-close and informal in-store gigs – a strange but great combination of invasion of personal space and intimate togetherness of the love of music.

These guys are a skilled pair of musicians with some good songs, tight rhythms and great showmanship. It is amazing what sound can come from two people, the simplicity was certainly a bit punk and raw. I don’t know if it was just seeing people play music so close up but wow they can play and make it look so easy.

A few tales were told and conversations had with the audience, including the keen kids in the front row. They explained one of their song ‘Dog Scratched Ear’ was on a Fiat TV ad which starred Charlie Sheen – at last a positive note on TV advertising, it pays bands money to make more great music!

A photo os Henry's Funeral Shoe Gig in SpillersMy one photo gig experiment didn’t go so bad this time, you can see how close I was to the singer. He had to make sure he didn’t jump into me, I am glad he was right handed or I would of had a face full of guitar. A great gig in a unusual location, next time I see these guys I hope I have a pint of beer, a dance floor and some serious boogie moves.

A photo of my Record Store Day purchases - three vinyls and a CDThe vinyl at the front with the star design on, I had to buy because it was so beautiful. It is a compilation from Lex Records called Complex Vol.1 which includes collaborations from Neon Neon and Thom Yorke to name but a few. The plastic sleeve has half of the text on and the record the other half, together making up the entire track listings and details. Nice design and typography.

Moon Duo’s second album Mazes was my double purchase, one remix version (Record Day Special) and the original. They are made up of one member of Wooden Shjips, Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada. It is more jazz and indie than Wooden Shjips who’s style is psychedelic rock. I like the jazz but the indie is not appealing to me as yet, the remixes though has some real cool vibes. They are touring and have some UK dates set but non near Cardiff unfortunately.

The plain and simple black record Steinvord is one I have had on my “to buy list” for a while and I know why – it is bloody brilliant. Heavy electro sound-scapes but with peaceful chill out blends, moments of quite and manic drill sounds. I have to say yes it does sound like Aphex Twin but who cares, it is great and more music like this can only be a good thing. It is fresh and my only annoyance, it has no download code so I can’t listen to it on my iPod which is my most frequented music listing device. It is released by Rephlex Records but the online talk of this music creator is hilarious, check out the comments on Steinvolds LastFM page or the random vagueness on his MySpace page.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe played at Spillers Records in Cardiff on Saturday 21st April 2012 for Record Store Day.

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