Silver & Fruity Fimo Jewellery – present time

I made more of my Fimo fruity beads into a jewellery set, this time in silver for a friends birthday. I made myself a set in gold (Gold & Fruity Fimo Jewellery), posted about back in February. Gold can be a bit bling, I know that it’s not everybody’s piece of cake. But me, I love a bit of bling and wear the gold fruity earrings I made loads.

Close-up photo of silver fruity fimo jewelleryFor this new set, I used the same technique but swapped everything to silver and used round friendly beads, instead of the long gold ones. The key to making sure they hang right is to make a stick of beads with a loop at the top. Then connect each loop to a bigger loop on the earring hook, so it hangs free. Each stick then moves when you do, and catches the light. I think this is important with jewellery to use gravity effectively and a well designed piece moves with your body.

Photo of silver fruity fimo jewellery - knecklace and earringsI then did the same principle with the necklace, connected sticks of beads and fruit to hoops and then to the chain. I measured the distance between each stick and laid it all out carefully to make sure it was even. I had to count out chain links so hopefully each bead hangs symmetrically. I have been told this is a good jewellery making tip, even if it seams very frustrating if you have to redo something, getting everything perfectly symmetrical is key to nice jewellery.

Photo of silver fruity fimo jewellery - knecklace, earrings and box - a whole-setI found a silver box, that I got some jewellery in myself as a present and packed it up. It made a really nice gift and now I have more ideas. I love the bright colours of the fruit and way it hangs in bunches. Bright funky colours are great for summer or to brighten up a plain outfit.

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