A British Adventure in Boston: Photo Diary

I recently spent a week in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. So many stories and adventures were had – but instead of telling my tales in writing, what better way than a photo diary. I have been loving taking photographs again, I got a new lens for my camera so I can zoom in far. I look all camera-wise but I just love snapping up anything that takes my fancy, spectacular or mundane.

Photo of the Boston sky line at night descending into the fog.

Boston Sky-scraping the Fog

Photo of South Street Diner, South Street, Boston, MA, USA

Guess where I am? America *!&$ yeah, coming to save…..

Photo of birds washing in a fountain on a hot day

Birds washing in a fountain

Photo of an Iraq war memorials in Boston. Each tag is a dead soldier.

Boston – city of memorials

A photo of gravestone with cool designs on at Copp's Hill Burying Ground in Boston.

American Death History

A photo of an advertisement at the old dock in Boston.


Photo of a new skyscraper and old church tower in the Boston blue sky.

You might be younger than me, but I am bigger!

Photo of a glass of beer on a table, with men sitting on bar stools in the background.

Beer on table, bums on seats.

Photo of everyone standing up singing the national anthem in The Red Socks stadium, Fenway Park, Boston

Realisation – I know the words!

Photo of guys smoothing out the sand at a baseball match.

Straightening out the sand

Every photo here I will remember for many reasons, they captured something of America for me and hopefully will give you an insight to why it is such a weird and wonderful place.

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