Blag Tag – questions you might like to know the answer to about me

Nearly two months ago, bitsnbooks tagged me in a game of blog tag. It seems to work much the same as real life tag (someone’s it, they tag you, you’re it). Jibberino officially took off an extended summer holiday from blogging. I now have along list of posts to share from the exciting busy summer months but I’ll ween my way back in with this simple questions & answer post.

The Rules

1. I must post the rules
2. I must answer the questions the tagger listed for me
3. I must create (or reuse) 11 questions for those I tag
4. I must tag 11 people
5. I must let them know they’ve been tagged

The Questions I Shall Answer

1. What is your favourite recipe (as in, what food does it make – you don’t have to provide the ingredients and method (unless you really want to))? Without even thinking about it, it has to be leek & potato soup with cheesy dumplings – wow and wow and wow it tastes so good, is super easy, healthy and has fun stringy edam cheese. Life is better after you have tried this, it is my mum’s special and if you now have to taste it, I will write it down if you ask nicely.

2. What is your favourite thing to spend money on?  Doing fun things and CDs/Music/Gigs

3. What time of day do you read/write the most? Just before I go to sleep and while traveling on my own on the train, coach or plane.

4. Do you prefer summer or winter, and why? As I have a winter birthday, I have to say winter is my time of year. I like to make sure the cold weather does not stop me doing things and embrace it, like on my 21st birthday we hired a bouncy castle and bounced and bounced until the freezing rain came down. Summer is nice as I like swimming outside in the sea or any cold water but maybe this is so I can feel cold again and pretend it is winter.

5. What is your favourite holiday destination? I like to have a different one every time and go somewhere new and exciting I have never been before.

6. What is the best book/film/album you’ve read/watched/heard this year so far? I am slightly obsessed with Haruki Murakami and have spent a good part of this year reading the three 1Q84 books. I loved them and often dream I am in another world and forget which one I am in. I conclude that if it is sucking me in to it’s crazy world so much, it must be a good match with my mind.

7. If you could be anybody for just a day, who would it be and why? By saying anybody it must have a body not necessarily human so I will be a bird please. How amazing to be able to fly and skim across the landscape! I would love to do that game birds do at a cliff’s edge, or in the right condition when it flies against the wind and stands still in the air then the next moment flipping around catching the breeze and going zooming along with it at top speed. Also what would it feel like to have a gizzard? I would like to find out what it felt like to eat shells or insects and crush them up in my internal grinding mill – grrrrrrrr.

8. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? I have a super power! Both my sister and boyfriend have pointed this out to me over the last week – sleep! I can sleep anywhere and revive myself whenever needed by sleeping it off. I have been told it is contagious as well, if you hang around me you sleep better. I just need to harness the power more effectively and ‘bob’s your uncle’ I can join the X-Men. So maybe I can touch people and they sleep and also regenerate or revive by super naps.

9. What’s your favourite Olympic event (oooh topical)? I had great fun watching the Olympics this summer and have discovered so many new sports that I did not know even existed. But I have to go with boxing. I loved watching the ladies take on the challenge of it for the first time. I have ultimate respect for their skill, grace and joy. Katie Taylor and Nicola Adams are now an inspiration to me. If I didn’t have nose that would look really bad if broken, I might be tempted to have a go myself.

10. What were your best and worst subjects at school? Art was my best by results but Maths was a big passion at school. Worst by far was English and French, funny saying this writing now.

11. What’s one thing you want to learn before you die (e.g. a musical instrument, a language, how to perform brain surgery, e.t.c.)? I would love to play the piano much better than I ever have before and maybe even have the guts to sing along while playing. The thought of it scares me but also gets me all excited. I would love to be a crazy old lady who plays the piano and sings so loud my neighbors complain.

Seeing as how I would like to go pick apples this afternoon before it gets dark, the people I tag for this are just going to answer the questions that I did (I think they’re pretty good anyway). So here are the 10 dudes and dudettes who will have to carry on this game:

  1. What’s the PONT
  2. Boozed + Infused
  3. Seamless
  4. Look, I made this.
  5. Lola Loves Craft
  6. Amy Davies
  7. CycleStuff
  8. Audioscrounge
  9. Cardiff Cycle Chic
  10. Claire Atkinson
  11. Soma Nights

One thought on “Blag Tag – questions you might like to know the answer to about me

  1. Good answers! And you’re right, it is a good way to get back into things if you haven’t blogged for a while. That soup does sound amazing… any chance of getting the recipe? 🙂

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