Miami Baby! Photo Diary

Miami was hotter, more glamorous and tropical than I ever imagined. We stayed in South Beach and soaked up the sun and atmosphere with excited smiles on our faces for a week.

My photo diary hopefully shows off the amazing wildlife that can be found in every nook and cranny. This is mixed with a big exciting city, full of shopping, art, culture, fusion eating, stylish bars and fabulous friendly people. I could not walk down the street without getting excited by an amazing outfit worn by a captivating lady and her dog, or an interesting nut that had fallen from the countless different kind of palm trees.

Earlier this year I wrote and shared a blog post A British Adventure in Boston: Photo Diary, Miami Baby! is no different – I felt more British than ever and loved it. I hope I never lose the wide eyes I see these wonderful new places with.

I have added a caption to each that might mean nothing or everything to you. I hope they entertain and delight as they did when I took them.


Concrete legs to everywhere

A photo of a Purple Gallinule in the Everglades

Everglading with a Purple Gallinule

Photo of a lifeguard lookout on Miami Beach

Crisscross & Stars

A close up photo of a tree nut in someones hand

Unknown Things

Sushi Samba Resturant

DJ Brazilian Sushi

Photo of a baby lizard in the corner of our apartment

Apartment Pet

Shoe shop in on Lincoln Avenue, Miami Beach

Is it ok to spend $2,500 on a diamante encrusted leather jacket?

Art Deco Building Sign

I think Humphrey Bogart liked art deco

Baby Alligator in the Everglades

Baby Alligator Smile

Halloween decorated bar

This is Halloween..

Graffitti Animals

Tropical creatures of Miami


DIY Cuban Sandwich – hot and pressed

Diner sign with palm tree reflection in the window

Diner dinner

American Egret in the Everglades

I’d be proud to be an American Egret as well

CSI Miami Beach Police Van

Not any old white van

Art Deco Building on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Ice cream flavoured building

What a place….. no other words for it but……. IT’S MIAMI BABY!!


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