In this blog I want to share, in no particular order, non TV watching activities such as; design, crafts, painting, drawing, photography, animation, sewing, web, recipes, events, music, gigs, travel and anything amazing I stumble across and feel might be worthwhile to someone else.

I’ve written a poem about the blog for your enjoyment and clarification:

I hope this blog will float your boat, not make you want to grope a goat. 
I like to share and give away my stuff, like recipes and bits of fluff. 
“Why me” you say. 
“Why not” I neigh. 
I think it’s rather fine, to make others have a right good time. 
I love it when it’s done to me, so here I share things I see wi thee.

Doing fun and productive things is worthwhile and rewarding, I can’t imagine a life not doing a million things and wanting to do more millions of things. I love to make & create and want to share with my family, friends and the whole wide world fun stuff I do or see. We have this amazing tool “the internet” to share and communicate our ideas, activities and thoughts to anyone around the world. I want to join in please.

I grew up without a TV and was home educated. I give a big thumbs up to parents for not having a TV, what a great idea. Every moment you are cabbaging out watching TV, you could be doing all sorts of other amazing things, and with a lot more to show for it. Why do we all sit around and mindlessly stare at a box? I don’t know but I sure know I am one of the worst. I have been caught mouthing along to soaps and nearly having a paddy like a small child if I can’t watch another episode from my favourite series. It would be excellent to inspire people to turn off their TV’s and do fabulous fun things. I have written a post about why I want to turn off the TV with some more thoughts on the matter.

My inspiration:

  • Give back to the world
  • Writ­ing things down to teach oth­ers
  • Make better stuff
  • Leave something behind
  • “I think you have a responsibility to do really good stuff and get it out there for people to use and let them build on the shoulders of it and keep making better stuff.”

Please ask me questions, tell me what you think and share, share, and share away.

Thanks for stopping by.

jibberino (Jen)­

11 thoughts on “About

  1. i now want to go to Berlin. So amazing and great to share thoughts and photos.

    My 2010 xmas cards said ‘Christmas Fishes” -is the sense of humour genetic?

    • Go to Berlin there is defiantly something about the place, like no other and totally addictive – I want to go again and again!! I have been enjoying doing the blog & everybody has been so nice about it – bonus. Lol yep maybe a good sense of humour is genetic, it would be good for test tube babies if it was.

    • Thanks for the comment, the Social Media Surgery helped me set my first blog up, been wanting to do it for ages just needed the help to step over the line, SMS Canton a great gang.

    • Thanks, I have had a few people say they decided not to watch mindless TV from what they read here, ACE-NESS!! I am a busy bee not watching TV. Posts on gigs coming soon along with fun games and crafty ones in the pipeline too.

    • Thanks for following my blog too. I do have a TV at present but I try to only do very selective watching. I have got a post in the pipeline all about it. X

    • Thank you so much Heather, that is very kind of you. Your blog is ace too, I love your honest writing and parts have made me chuckle out loud. I am inspired and writing a new post now. Big love. Xx

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